Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New blog ; New post ; New life

currently deleted the previous one because some uninvited pple is stalking me! ;x

decided to hide all my past beginning from 2004 onwards? ;x
LOL! hideous la dheyy~

i got lots and lots of things to blog about actually;
lots and lots of pictures included but i dont know where to start ehs? *roll eyes*

tsk tsk~

oh ya !

i really think i should change my job soon~ maybe i should be a fortune teller;

because hor ; i tell you hor ~ today hor ~ got 1 sibei irritating uncle hor ,
come irritate me lei!

*chit-chat`ing with kammy *

uncle : i wan 2 banana , 1 green bean etc etc ~

me : anything else?
*continue chit-chat`ing and giggling away happily*

uncle : can you hurry up and stop talking?

*laughing away ignoring him*

uncle : you are here to work not to talk ; i have a car waiting can you hurry up anot ;

kammy: girl ~ i tell you hur , i tell you hur ~ (but she never tell me anything)

i continue laughing while the uncle got irritated;

uncle : quick pack and stop talking ~ stop wasting my time; hurry up~

kammy : girl ~ you know hor ~ i tell you hur ,i tell you hur ~

*starts packing will continue laughing*

this uncle assume i know he drives a car here by looking at his face ;

how smart -____-

i wanted to upload some pictures but i couldnt find my cable ~ so ,


next time than ~ ciaos~

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