Friday, August 29, 2008

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i find it fishy that someone actually came to my blog
to write something like this and so
i went to see if i can find the ip.
& look what i found?!?!?
Tingting is my wifey.
&& according to her , she didnt use her own com to tag me.
its her bf`s lappy with cine kbox internet connection.
so i presume someone went to cine ~ steals its connection,
anyhow type one url and tagged me?
HAH! funny!
or is it maybe someone steal his lappy , went down to cine tagged me
run home put it back and wanted to frame him?
whatever la!
& i seriously BELIEVE its someone i know and came from the same LAPPY !
thats all.
carry on and tag for all i care ! retard~ :DDD

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