Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bad bad bad bad bad ;
i just have a sudden urge to blog but i dont know where and how to start with.
&& i just realise its quite difficult for me to put my thoughts down.

typing while my tears kept falling, i felt pathetic.
&& pple who know me , i`m quite sure you pple know how much i dont like being left out
and abandon.

i hate the feeling of loneliness.

5 exact years of excuses isnt enough? theres more coming up?
&& i`ll only know the plannings after everything is over.

HARLO ? can i see whats the point in doing so ? agitate me?
or AFRAID that your lies will be exposed if i happen to see her outside ?

Why is it me & ONLY me?
havent i done enough being a friend to all? havent i tried ?
or am i really a failure?

WOW, i`m sad and i`m having my birthday celebrations later
& let see how many of my friend turns up even though its only a small gathering.

i really really really miss the times where all of us are very innocent.
at least at that time , i know i`m truefully happy.
&& now i know i`m not.

i`m not stating down who and what exactly happen because i`m nt as evil as her.

gona go prepare and heads down to vivo for some shopping with my sister.
afterall i finally believe realblood sister wont hurt you :[

wo bu kai xin :((

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