Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i actually woke up darn early this few days and turn in at as early as 8 !
can you imagine that?

i woke up at 7 jus now , had my breakfast at 10 , bath`d at 10.30 and
since the time is still early i decided to take a nap
so i happily hung my red sexy ahem* pantie at the window
and fall aslp as soon as i fell onto the darn cosy bed lohs ~

i was there happily dreaming of this wonderful prince than suddenly
*piak* *piak* *piak*
i open my eyes and like saw my red sexy *ahem pantie drenched in rain lohs!


pple just wash the panty with the gampua nice smell body showerform lohs!
&& now got the smell of the rain already la!


anyway , it spoiled my day and i`m very hungry now :(


ps/ just some random update cause i feeel my blog in die`ing
psps/ i`m in the mid of o lvl ~ ;D

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