Sunday, November 2, 2008

drifting -
yes! very , absolutely .

why ? i dont know. what have i actually done wrong? i`m always the one trying real hard to try forgiving and forgetting . to try putting in and never getting back . to try maintaining .
its not easy trying to maintain a r/s when your another half is not caring or rather feeling fading.

Stayed home by myself this few days and all i could actually do was cry . Believe it or not , its hurting badly & i wonder why .
He`s not making the initiative to call or even message me when my mind is all about him.
till than , i realise evrything is over and never the same.

i emo`ed at home alone cause all i needed was PEACE . Fever came on and off . vomit never stops.
And all i wanted was you to be there ; to show your care ; to once again say you love and will never leave me alone .

but were you there ? No.

Wednesday will be a nightmare over .
& i believe i will try even harder to never look back and to stay even stronger.

All i need was a shoulder full of warmth , arms full of care .

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