Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hey hey ! You know i cant believe it when pple tell me they fucking spend like 3 weeks
to get their car licence?

& when you ask them how? they will jus answer you , special r/s is all you need.
i dont know if its true but can u imagine how fcuking FAIR it will be ?
like, i spend fcuking 2 months just to wait for BTT .
& when i fail , i got to wait another fcuking 2 MORE months.

wow and you? you spend 2 days waiting for your BTT , 3 days for FINAL and weeks for TP.
(according to what he say)
its like so FAIR .
fcuking hell & Yes i failed my btt for the first time and now i`m waiting for my 2nd try in december.


Anyway i caught 007 with some peeps just now.
Not a bad show , interesting and i would say its not a waste of money :D

Pple that like action movies can consider watching it (:
i would rate it 3.5/5

Today was boring ,
& i threw away something i bought out of anger .
joke of the day .___.
dont ask me why because the excuse i gave myself was darn ridiculous . yeaps!
kind of saddening when i think back.
like so wasted?

awwwwwww; didnt take pictures this few days though.
cause i look ugly this few days -___-"
( i mean i look ugly la , just that this few days more uglier can bo ?)

am at lanshop now and going home soon

&& i fcuking miss the girls : kammy , gracey , jaslin , yifeng , cynthia ..

i guess i really should ring them up soon.
if not Grace`y always like to say : " kelly will never call "

ciaos (:

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