Sunday, November 16, 2008

i love daddy truck loads!

I think my daddy is the best daddy in the world *grins*
&& i loveeee him truck lorry bus cab loads ~ :D

He`s always there for me when i needed him and he`s always there to shower me with his
care and loves (:
& he loves me as much as i loves him :DDDDDD

Tell me where can i find another daddy like that !! hurhurhur ?!?!


i was chatting with MH kor in msn this afternoon :D
& he "cried" after he irritated me ;x
dont believe? i got evidence :DDDDDDDDDD

SEE!O.O i dont lie! ;xxxx MUAHAHAH !

i guess i better go grab some sleep incase my eyebags comes out again ;3
nights peepos :D

i wana go club , i wana go drink , i wana go pub ~ soon sooon sooooon~
after this month pple , JIO ME TO CLUB , JIO ME TO PUB ! ;DDDDDDD

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