Saturday, November 8, 2008

Went Plaza Singapura today to shop alone ~ why ? because Fabian is a fcuking liar ! ;xxx
He was suppose to meet me at 9 sharp outside plaza sing entrance ;
i was late like for 10 mins only can ?
& he went to eat ! (this kind of pple also got ! ;x )

i know its my fault for being late la~ but he cannot wait awhile mehs! !*(&#(*!&#*!(
in the end , i met him at 10 after the shoppings mall closed.
slacked abit ~
he is super irritating lohs~ keep making me laugh ._."

Went off to meet Bryan for dinner awhile later cause Fabian sucks! ;x
i`m jus joking -_-"
than slacked abit than i took a cab home .

i wanted to go clubbing de lohs afterall its friday night ehs!! ;(((
but but but .....
fcuking hell ! i cannot touch liq for like 1 month ? -_______-" nbcb one!
fcuk fcuk fcuk ! ;xxxx
i know i know , you will be there saying " cannot touch liq still can go dance what "

lao niang buay song see my friend drinking i cannot drink can bo ? t-.-t

btw , i`m not even missing him like abit now ehs? why hur?
diaos ! i`m afraid i`m slowly moving on after emo`ing for so long! O.O"
&& i guess this is suppose to be a good news right?

wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooots !

its like 6 in the morning already and its time for beddddd~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >.<>

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