Sunday, December 21, 2008

Define Love ?

I asked pple in my Msn contact to give me a defination about love .
& none gave me a satisfactory answer . (at least not the one i wanted)

Dickson™ says:
love is giving and losing and learning and pain
dickson 18

- i have no idea why there is pain in love .

(: says:
love ar.. between 2 person lor..or 2 thing. or 2 human or frends..
Alson 22

- He have no idea what loves is .

彩虹. says:
love sucks .
Minghui 19

- Cant blame him , he lack of love .

.... kane had reborn 193 191,102,72 : D says:
patient ,carE?
kogure 20

- .___.

EXTRAORDINARY babiisher * 虹を喜ばせるために私をもたらす!says:
LOVE IS make up of 4 letters consisting of L-O-V-E
Sheryl 18

- ha ha ha ?

Bryan is sick says:
it means willing to do anything and sacrifice everything for the person u love just to see him or her smile genuinely ;]
Bryan 19

RaYnEr--- when will the thing i want in life come says:
i would say this is a special feeling that is dedicated to someone special
Rayner 20

Jay-you-ass-tee-ai-and says: love is about sharing, giving and taking. it's about allowing the other party to be happy. it's about respecting both parties on their decisions no matter it is good or bad, cause surely there is a definite reason behind it. it's also about trusting, confiding, and giving everything in return for the person's happiness. it's not about getting it, it's about cherishing it. it's a need to love, not a want to is a big thing, we can possibly define everything about love with words. it's something hidden deep beneath inside someone. when loving, we hold on to the key of the other party, to unlock and unravel the secrets of what is meant by trust, happiness, communication and love.communication, trust is vital for the start of a relationship.when you love someone, you trust her, you care for her, you will miss her, constantly think of her and most importantly, you will cherish the times with her, no matter whether is she with you or not.
Justin 16

I`m not bored la! I was just wondering what love is to different people.
& also looking out for an answer close to mine .

& Notice the different explanation by different pple of different age .

ME :
Love have no exact defination . You cant define love . WHY ? because love is something you cant define/explain using words .

Okay . i needa go eat my *tang yuan* than go bath already ~
meeting Dar soooooooooooooonn .

Shower me with love ,tender & care ! ;D

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