Friday, December 26, 2008

First day of work went smoothly except for me being SUPER late in the morning! =x
i was suppose to reach at 9 & i reached at 9.50 ! LOL!
Afterall i`m tardy queen , rem ?

OH WAIT! thats beside the point ! the point is ~ I LOST MY WAY and i didnt mean to be late can !!
i left my house at 8.30 ; wishfully thinking that hougang is near aljunied ~.~
so smart right ?

I even forget what bus to change to when i reached aljunied mrt ! WOW!
so i sat there thinking about what bus i took when i went interview that day ~

LUCKILY ~ JJ called me to talk when i was thinking and he kept me companied all the way ~


BUT STILL!!!! i took wrg bus and alighted at a weird stop ~ SMART!

found my way after around 10 mins of walking ~ ewwwwwwwwwwww ~
i`m having blister now and they are hurting like siao ! ))):

I got along well with 3 colleagues namely William , Jeff & Rq .
They keep making me laugh like hell with their non stop bickerings
&& they never talk will die one !! =x

lawls ~

Work is so slack that we all were msn`ing and webhopping ~ fun right!! =x LOL!

Actually there is onw thing i dont like the office ~

we are typist and they still make our hand shiver like fcuk~ dia0s !!

I will be officially starting work on monday already!! ((:

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