Monday, December 8, 2008


i enjoyed the bbq and kbox just now tgt with my girlfriends, their boyfriends , jeremy (if i never rem wrgly?) and iforgotthisname .

Jeremy keep singing emo songs ! fcuktard !!
&& like YA !! his emo songs made him keep running in my mind -.-

why ?
Cause last year Df birthday is melvin and me go down boatquay tgt one mar.
And this year bbq , theres only me (:

anyway i`m starting to miss the talks and laughter every night ;
& i realise love really is a lie .
sigh .

HEY YOU! YEAPS YOU ! the one reading! i miss you!!!!!!!!!!!
& when i say i miss you ~ i really really is SUPER DUPER miss u!! x.X

gona go slp already !! its like 11.30 already .
*pictures is with kammy *
bear with the pictureless** post ! ;x
ciaos t-.-t!

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