Tuesday, December 2, 2008

i`m bored now !! so i shall blog randomly ~ .___.

Had been talking on phone with Justin for 6 consecutive nights ! WOW ~
its been so long since i like talked on the phone for so many hours !!
& ya , who cares? ._.

i`m like craving for Mos burger !!
so like i`m gona go have Mos burger tml ((:
anyone wana join me ? :x

i`m thinking if i should go genting with dar & co.
but my BTT falls on one of the 5 days .
awwwwwwww ~!!!
but i really wana go relax, enjoy
&& like rearrange my mood and feelings ~
maybe i should really go .

its funny why i`m using so much time to type such a short post like this.
i think blogger should really change its template !!
my mind`s like not functioning when i actually got alot to blog.

my typing speed is like AppleBananOrange slow now can !! (cox` im on the phone)
so i guess i will update later or tml .

b4 i go i shall post some random pictures!

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