Saturday, December 6, 2008

I is super duper motherfcuking pek chek now lah
&& the worse thing is i dont know why lah!

than like EVERYTHING is opposing me lah!
Even the fcuking com also keep jamming and restarting by itself la!

du lan not you tell me lah !!!!!!!!


Anyway , we had steamboat just now because its Granny birthday !!!!!
than like i suddenly thought of Melvin . (Not because i want to okay !! )

its because last year , he was there with me celebrating Granny`s birthday and so everyone
was asking about him this year when he wasnt there .
So yea , i thought back abit .
Last year was indeed fun with him around though we quarrelled because of him
drinking too much with my uncle -______-

sigh sigh sigh ~
i think i`ll be meeting zapper for slacking since we both got nothing to do ;
but i is think only la . shall update more soon ;

a picture i found ;

last year was beautiful ;

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