Wednesday, December 17, 2008

i`m a super duper nice daughter yesterday lah ~ (only yesterday)
b`cause i finish almost all the housework for momo early in the morning at 6 !!

i know i know~ i`m such a wonderful daughter (for a day ^____^) *grins*

its been like 92326371568 million years since i last helped out with the house ):
So i`m like so proud of myself ytd ! wooooooots! [=

i miss talking and disturbing M`h kor .
He is like mia already !! awww~~ t-_____-t
the other time he actually asked me to fix a puzzle with him in msn!! O.O

& like we spent 1 hour 40 mins staring at the screen ! HOW wonderful ! :

starting of the puzzle !

20 mins later ~ the border was formed !! :D

an hour later! :( *sleepy already*

after 1 hour 40 mins later! its finally done!! =.= gosh !!!

&& that actually made me tired and stopped me from letting my brain wonder off
to any far away land O.O

i fall aslp after that!! lawls~

Sheryl seah chai ling! that pubor dar of mine WENT Malaysia already !!!!

She irritates me almost everyday when she`s in singapore!! =X
She never call me will die one ! =x
She never nudge me in msn , her skin will peel of one =X
She never go Audi stalk me , her hand will drop out one ! =x

lololololol!! I`m nt very sure when she will return but still i actually am starting
to miss her noisy sound ! LOLOL!

i love you sweet !! So you better come back with gifts and presents for me!
OR ELSE !!! i dont love you anymore !!!!! >.<>

i`m hungry now ~ update again soon! (:

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