Monday, December 29, 2008

Its really amazing how i always get attracted by someone else`s boyfriend .
Especially when the guy was once my ex bf and i actually dont find him attractive at all when i was together with him .

Why the random topic?

Cause i saw my exbf holding a girl hand today when i`m on the way home from work ; than i goes like ,
" WOW! is that my ex bf ? why he look so handsome/dashing/attractive today har ?! "

conclusions : 0ther girl`s boyfriend always look super attractive than your own one =3


Anyway, i`m super tired now and i fall asleep in the bus just now .
what worse was , i actually woke up shouting "AHHHH!! " .
the girl that sits beside me got shocked too ! =x

I was applebananaorange Paisei can !!! omg ~

How i wish theres holes for me to hide myself >_<>
darn nightmare!!

arggggss ~

in daddy`s car (:

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