Monday, December 22, 2008

Pictures grabbed from kam`s blog .
Dont ask me why her mouth like that cause i wasnt the one that "blanko" her mouth with a pink out of shape heart . =x
this was the original picture from her blog ;

Dont ask me why our face went out of shape . its not easy trying to squeeze 3 person in the picture especially when we are trying nt to laugh after laughing like mad.

we even tried the self timer mode .
But still i couldnt resist the temptation and bursted out laughing.
thank goodness the camera didnt caught me with my mouth wide open ._________."

&& why am i squeezed in between them hur ! t-.-t

this 2 photo is not nice at all la. We dont look darn chio inside la ~ ( but we are chio pple la!) LOL =xxx
But when i look at them ,they reminds me of the good old times when we worked, played,tonned , fought , sing ,scream & everything tgt .
i love you both deepdeep nar! =3

Feng x2 and Xian x2 ~ MEET UP SOOONNNN! =x
I still remember your big feast on my pay day ! =3 hohohos

the one that stays [=
smelly pubor ~ though our thinking might not click at times but still i love you for being there when i needed someone/companion .
& you still sucks though . hohos!

i`m super confuse right now , please leave me alone .
dont appear when i`m gona let go .
Let us just put everything to a stop and than carry on our life with a smile .
Memories will be kept deep down inside the heart .
Forget all those promises because promises are meant to be broken .
thanks for being part of me once (:

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