Monday, January 19, 2009

i`m not alright ; i`m not alright ; i`m not alright !

i`m not feeling well & i`m goin to go prepare and than wait for Chen`s to fetch me to work later ):

i dont feel like working today because i`m seriously not feeling well.
somethings wrg with my body and i dont know why .
But because this is gona be the last week i`m working ; i shall drag myself to work later )):

FYI : working kills ~ ))):

life`s boring & i`m looking forward to new year because my wallet is empty and bank is dry -_-
i`ve yet to buy any new clothes for new year and i need a companion ~

volunteer anyone? (:

simply sms me for a date to shop ;x lawls ~

He squeezed in when i wana camwhore & i only realise it when i look at the picture . -_-

He makes me smile time to time while reading his msg`es though he is super irritating (:
&& i hope i dont screw my next BTT on `18/2 . ( this idiot booked for me )

P/S : dont comment on my picture! you dont look nice without make up also !

* off preparing *

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