Friday, February 6, 2009

I had a dream jus now ; a horrible one & i super dont like the feeling because i got woken up by the ugly dream ):

Early morning 7+ wake up and stone . hungry + emotional + idontknowwhat

Met Darren ytd ; Left 4 dead sucks i tell you ! i vomited the chicken rice i had for brunch after playing for less than an hour . !!!#!*#&!$#!%

IF only i could express myself to you now;if only you still cares ; if only i can turn back time ; if only you would ask a 2nd time ; if only you would still be there ; if only if only if only .

through this , i taught myself a lesson .

To always take a gamble in life because sometimes , somethings will never be back/same once missed.

time for breakfast already !! ((: kelly`s a strong girl yea ? cheers -----*

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