Saturday, February 28, 2009

i`m not special & i dont wana be special .
to walk to what i am today , i gave up many things , i`ve hurt many , many have hurt me , i fell , i climb , i walk , i run , i bring myself up .

to many ; i might not have accomplish anything and everything but to myself , being what i am today is an accomplishment .

been feeling very down this few days; cause i know its an empty shell thats with me
been feeling very empty cause i know i aint the one he wants
been feeling emotional cause i know he stil cares for her , ALOT.

shagness , double shagness , triple SHAGNESS .

i dont know why , i`m like emotionally attached to him without realising it . When he is sad , i wont be happy . When he is quiet & thinking , i wana stay beside him just to keep him company .
When he feels hurt , i wana share his pain .

WHY ? this is not what i want? all i want is to be a friend that he can count on right from the beginning .

i think i better keep myself away from him till i know what i wants.

happy picture!

Fengfeng & me on kam`s birthday .
-edited the colour cause my complexion look like i`m malay beside this super white fengfeng loh! =x

p/s : i need time alone.

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