Monday, March 30, 2009

computer or me ?

Did i mention i dont like dota at times ? Cause baby seems to be paying more attention to it than me ! ):

- i scribbled this when i was talking to him ytd , damn hilarious.

(click for bigger view )

.-─━═★SassyGay .: o.o tis means wad !
.-─━═★SassyGay .: im wif my computer ?
.-─━═★Kay.yee.el: if me and your com drowns , u will save ur dota than me
.-─━═★SassyGay .: ....
.-─━═★Kay.yee.el: lol
.-─━═★SassyGay .: cos i cant recognise u being a botak !
.-─━═★Kay.yee.el: HAHAHHAHAHHAA
.-─━═★Kay.yee.el: FCUK U

p/s ; bi , no more quarrels pu-lease!! its tiring~~ ): & heartbreaking!

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