Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy belated 1st monthsary baby! (:
( ya ya , 1 month only hao lian what right ? but i is happy what ! dont wan read than go away lohs! ~.~ )
We have fun , we have joy , we have seasons in the sun~ ;x
baby !!
In time to come , there will yearsary !! i believe ~ ( if u stop being so petty ) ;x

i confirm is happy being together with u de can ! hehehe! see my widdddde smile u know liaos~

oh && did i tell you i feel very man when i`m tgt with u ?
look at ur own pose lor ~ we should exchange pose can ! u is sibei gu niangzxzxz! =x

&& i dont know why my face always being chop away de lohs!
is u hen fat than snatch my place?

nononono! cannot be! i confirm is good photographer! =x

Stayed over at his place (:

but he proved to me once again , he love dota more than me .
he shall go date dota out for movie next time (:

he dota , i bored. i bored , i draw ~ . He no reaction , DRAW MORE LA!!! =x

testing market! =x ( another meaning : try try )
* no reactions*

*scribbles , scribbles , scribbles *

Bi !! i enjoyed my stay there though all we do is see you dota , slp , audi , watch show ,eat & smoke =x
& i hope you enjoy my companion too! (:

OHOH ! last note! did you all realise the cabs in singapore is getting more and more limited!!
some dont even stop when they go pass you with the " taxi " lights on ! tsk ~
bf suggested pose`in like this!

taxi confirm STOP one! =x

p/s : i made up the "pose`in" myself . the actual conversation was ,

Bi : i handsome hor?
Me : no ah . not at all~
Bi : Lanjiao lor ~ i confirm handsome *pose*
Me : * snaps * hahahahahhaha!

- time for bed (:

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