Friday, March 13, 2009

I is super de moody now because i realise no one`s here with me when i needed someone! ):

- Ah dar is idiot de lohs! Keep goin casino cruise for the pass 2 days ( she is leaving for cruise later as well)
3RD day already okay !!

- Bi is retarded de can ? His waking up timing is way far different from mine! When i`m alive and kicking , he is dead like log . ( & vice versa )

-Daddy is busy with Mei enrolment thingy

-Mummy is super busy resting because today is her off day

-Kam & co should be anrgy with me because i dua`ed them on wed cause i woke up at 11+

i is want to sad till die now .

Random pictures

Enrolment Yesterday ;
pop`ed out of the house with t-shirt and shorts than str8 down to rp with daddy.

-daddy say i look pale that day ):

daddy : Ahgirl ah , last night you do simi har?
Me : nothing ah ? using com the whole night lor .
daddy : ur face like wan die mai die like that .
daddy : OH! no wonder so ugly today .
Me : .....

st james night .

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