Monday, March 9, 2009

Random thoughts; Random post; Random pictures;


baby`s busy watching his show now & so he say i should do something while waiting for him instead of staring at the screen .
than he suggested i blog ; ( sibei gei siao one , wan know more about me =x )

Clubbing @ st.james powerhouse on sat ~ (:
- i wan more more with you girls next week ! * grins*

-pictures with Jacey ; shall upload when i get it from her
-more planning ahead! * weets! *

Missed outing with Kam & co to Eskibar on fri )): *sadsad*
I shall keep all of them in my heart for the time being than hug each of them HARD HARD when i see them for the next time! heheheh!

* miss die you all ((: *

my sweeeeetest bf ! (:

p/s : pardon the pixelated picture. i edited using paintbrush ~.~

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