Saturday, March 21, 2009

Retarded spammers / long posts

i always get retarded spamming my taggy whenever i`m attached .

But when i`m single , its always nice and peaceful with tender loving care tags . WHY HAR ?
but than hor , its not only me lehhh~ =x

Just observe around, those getting spams are always the ones attached / look a lil more than average / attention seeker .

why attached?
cause the girls that like the guy jealous ? / the girls thinks she`s more prettier & chio or cuter and why the guy didnt choose her ?

why look a lil more than average ?
cause pple jealous you look more prettier lohs . (Than why not those who is gampua chio )
Cause they is win them sibei alot what ~ cannot comment & at least they know where they stand hor? HAHAHAHAH!

why attention seeker ?
Cause they succeeded in seeking more attention .

see for urself .

tell me la ~ tell me this is absolutely not retarded .
Tagging with same ip and timing difference of 1 min ? HA HA HA! can be more retarded .

To the spammer

I dont know whats ur motive for spamming but if you think ur tags can affects me , I`M SORRY! cause i cant be bothered by pple without brain (:

So ; i think if someone happen to shoot you in the butt , you will die on the spot. Cause your brain`s on ur butt ! heheheh ((:

To hell with spammers , i`m happy now ! teeheehee ~
Just came back from bf house & i tell you i is super miss him now! (:

很sweet hor!he tagg heart lei! ;x

i is 幸福的 lohs ~

my love ; my pride .

he`s busy watching his prison break & cant be bothered with the camwhore me >.<>
so i just take more lohs .

Bi : 你再做什么 har ?
Me : 拍照 la ~ 看不出 meh ?
Bi : sheng jing bing lohs 你, 一直拍一直拍一直拍 *lj bin*
Me : 你管我~ 我拍我的,你看你的 la! * cb bin *
Bi : orhs~ but 你有拍到我 lei !
Me : ...

-damn stupid ,but i like ~ ;x

Went clubbin on thurs with Kam & drea than stayed over at drea house ;( resulting in not studying for my btt!)
all drea`s fault ! =x wahahaha!

Drea`s treats (:

supper~ SEE! kam`s drunk already =x

i is sober one!confirm! =x

Drea`s place (:


she scared i snatch her pillow ~.~
The lil black heart drea give me for a day !

* rest of the pictures with kam & drea digital cam *
&& THEY forever taking years to blog one ~.~

oh ya! i rememeber kam`s burning my back with her cig that night while taking picture!
SEE!! girl! i not drunk yet hor! got 1 hole somemore! bath also pain lei! ):
so i decided not to love u so much anymore! xP

Complained to mummy and she pasted a plaster over it for me ~ awwwww.

Thats all for now , time to bathhhhh ~
&& i cant believe i`m staying home on sat night ! =o="

p/s : baby i`ll be loving you more each day & always rem you are mine! (:

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