Friday, April 24, 2009

Tender ; loving ; care

In less than 30 mins its our 2nd monthSARY ! ~.~
Sad 2nd monthsary baby ! Cause you havent reply my msg from 12pm till now !
how could u ? )):

baaaahhhh! its been 4 days since i last saw baby.
the last time i met him was Monday( after school ) and i swear he was darn sweet cause he send the tired me home (though it was his friend driving) roflmaozx!

Maybe cause he guilty ! =x cause i waited from 4 plus to 7 plus (alone at mac & super sleepy) till he finally woke up , finish dota`ing , bath , prepare & meet me at westmall .

p/s - i`m trying to say i super sweet cause i waited for more than 3 hours when i can actually call and wake him up!
*baby you are the first one i waited for okay! * i dont usually wait for people okay ! be honoured! =x

Anyway my first trip out of singapore with bf was nice ! teeheehee ~ i wan more can ? =x
Though its only KL/Genting but as long as i`m happy who cares right ?
Even though there are parts where we quarrel & cold war . =x

Greatest as you ; smallest as me

you show me what is deep as sea ;

a lil love , lil kiss ; a lil hug , lil gift

all of lil something , these our memories

( gan handsome right this pic! =x )
you make me cry , make me smile ;

make me feel the joy of love

oh~ kissing you .

Thank you for all the love you always give to me ~ OH , i Love you !

-I just wana hold on to you till death do us apart ! Baby , I LOVE YOU!!
I might not be the best girlfriend that you have , i might not be the most prettiest/cutest girlfriend that you have , i might not be the one that gives in the most, i might not be the one that you love the most , i might not have the best temper , i might not have the sweetest toungue & i might not be the most understanding one .

So , i`m not asking for more ~ just shower me with a lil more tender ,loving & care! (:

i`ll change for the better , i`ll learn as we go . i`ll put in more than usual just because you are special ~
I hate having quarrelings! ): So , can we stop having quarrelings? its hurting! )):

Shers holding onto ALOT of pictures thus , I CANT BLOG ALOT! =x Go spam her at her blog for being a retard !

Our very first picture when we reached the hotel in kl.
After taking this picture , we conclude that LYING down and taking picture sucks!

cause all the pictures turns out UGLY !


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