Wednesday, May 20, 2009

im not happy!!

I think im falling sick anytime . ):

I dont feel okay this morning but still i struggled and dragged myself to school .
On my way to school , i felt something missing . ( like i forget bring something like that )

AL called cause he got nothing to do in camp i think ~.~

ME : i feel weird today . like i forget bring something out like that .
AL : hmm..comb ? wallet ? lappy ?
Me : no no no ~
AL : you never bring ur brain la!
Me : aye ! nopes nopes !! ITS MY HEART !
AL : ? hur ?
Me : i left my heart with you the night before ytd . remember ?
AL : WAHH !you not bad mar !! Still know how to sweet talk !
Me : hahahahahahahahah .

p/s - i wonder where my heart is because i`m pretty sure its not with him , like duh ?

Lesson ended late yesterday because understanding tests coming .
i was craving for Mos.b ytd ~ but THL refuse to accompany me go eat dinner for idontknwwhatreason!! SUPER SADDENING I TELL YOU !! t-.-t

So , i happily went to NYP to wait and fetch sher than home with her and skipping dinner because she eat already )))):

I went to bed early , Sher went to eat without me cause i fall flat dead on bed already .

Starve die me! i only get to eat when Shers returns back with CUP noodle in the middle of the night at 1 plus.

She woke me up , i eat . I eat finish , i go back sleep .

Having a smile on my face everyday does not equates to me being happy . I can draw happy faces on my face everyday to show im happy but who knows if i really is or not , right ?

- i`m not happpppy at allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll & what it worse is , I DONT KNOW WHY !

Saw this from darlin blog.

Classmate introduced this song , i like! (:

-Listen to the song below , its the same song . But in male and female version. (:
Somehow they reminds me of you and the lyrics super cute .

Male version.

Female version .

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