Thursday, May 7, 2009

Man are weird species.

Man are weird and mood changing species!They are super not-understandable ~
Thus , making all the girls go crazy !

Ever experienced your bf being super nice to you and changes in a split second ?
Shocked ?

Well, you dont have to be because these are the nature of man !

Edvidence to support my source of information!

- this difference of timing in this 2 picture, 1 sec !!! O____O

Oh and they look super dashing and super handsome when they carries all the luggage ! xD

p/s - no offend! i`m jus bored and waiting for my hair to dry >.< > 11771554

p/p/s - when you got caught stealing , you are a thief all ur life. Even if u change , u are still a thieft in pple`s mind and when things go missing, you are always a suspect and no one will ever believes u . its hurtful yet it gives u a chance to see who and how someone treats you.

p/p/p/s - smile ur way out of misery ((:

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