Monday, May 11, 2009

No clubbing this weekend ; only pubbing ~

&& i realise i really is wont seh one! SIBEI ZAI ! ;x no matter how much , how thick ; KELLY SURVIVES! ( okay okay , the most i high and blur ABIT ONLY ! )

* sings *
i`ll survive ~ i`ll survive ~~~~


btw , theres school tomorrow ): & i`m gona go to bed sooooonnnn ))))):

Some pictures till my next post (:

Jaslin and Me ;

on my way Boatquay (:

buzzzzzzzzzz .

Shers behind ! O_o

late photos.

Last sat at P.H

Moving my pillow over to sher house O_O

- I`m currently back at home already & i definitely miss my bed / my small baby pillow AND my orange tiger!! O_o


not forgetting 'you' that had never left my mind because Every raining day reminds me of you.(:

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