Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Random ; Random ; Random ; ( breaktime is boring )

Believe in horoscope ?

Friendster horoscope for virgo says;

- Today, someone's witty one-liner will ignite a tiny spark in your heart. Pursue it.
( i`ll be looking forward to the someone , if horoscope is true . LOL )

Yesterday was a night i never wana rem .
I thought goin to bed was a right choice , but i was wrong.
Nopes!you are wrong . Definitely not a bad dream . It was the sweetest dream that could ever happen .

So why was goin to bed a bad choice?

Because i woke up knowing all i had was a dream , one that can never happen.
Back to square one, back to reality .

Its always like this , when i really made myself give up to not contacting you, to not wanting to know how ur life is. You either appear randomly with calls or text,giving me false hopes , bringing me up than throwing me down .

& still i always fall for the same old damn thing .

Im SO looking forward to the holidays! 30 MAY !! please come soon!! ):

- Baby, meet me soooooooooon! My favourite shorts is still at ur place ~.~ oh ! and stop emo`ing!Its not good for health ! (:

overdued pictures ;

We went supper like this the other night! ~.~ zai bo ?

Edited this like days ago when i got nothing to do. The wording look like spray up de right? Is i draw one okay! ( i know i know , i is pro! =x )

LOL! spot something weird? hahahahhahahh!

Superstitious ?

Its a blossom year for zodiac - horse. (LOL! i only realise how true it is tgt with sher at bq that night )

Even though its a blossom year , None can be trusted future with . ( according to the zodiac book)

But if you happen to have a partner or found one.As long as both hang on and go through this year together , the following years will be smooth and peaceful.

Zodiac-horse lovers , hang on to ur partner! :D

p/s- i`m tired for anything & everything (:
p/p/s - Currently addicted to this song - Happily never after

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