Friday, May 22, 2009

Reached home at like 9 plus yesterday ! O__O
& its like after school ehs ?

Normally class ends at 3.30 , latest i`ll be reaching home is like an hour later which is 4.30 or a lil later 4.45 - 5 .

But yesterday , i was still at woodland when the clock strikes 8 ? O.o WOW!
Went Causeway to have dinner tgt with Xy , zh , js , alice and ramien than it started to rain when we were about to head home at bout 6 plus.

Decided to head over to the library to slack and finish our 'rj' together . (:

With this 2 in my team , i keep eating non-stop . ~.~ They can eat and eat and eat non-stop one.

& because of them i had like 6 meals ytd. ~.~ fat die me !

* see no evil =x *

Zh introduced me this webby with effects! damn cute i tell u ! The snow will land on my head if i dont move than i can wipe them off. WAHAHAH! =x

this retarded says she look very cute in that bag on monday . So she ask me to take a picture of her with that bag =.=

p/s- ias,ctfinr.igismh. ):

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