Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I had been trying so hard , im tired now . Physically & emotionally .
I need space for breathing , i need place to hide .

When i thought i could , i couldnt . When i thought she will be here , she didnt.
When i thought he wouldnt do this again, he did. When i thought they was , they wasnt .

Leaving does not equates to not loving , it meant taking a break .
Forgetting does not equates to not missing , it meant trying to be happy .

Contradict ; contradicts ; contradicting .

Im glad im back in school because school makes me tired and thus , making it easier to sleep at night (:

p/s - still believing , if it is ; it is.

p/p/s - like i said , what goes around comes around. Dont come looking for me only when you needed someone and go missing when i needed one. I told you before i wouldnt entertain stuffs like that. I always like putting in as much as what you put in . So when you didnt , dont expect i will. Dont ask me what i am angry about , cause the answer is none. This is because i cant be bothered about you anymore you see ? If something happens again and again , would you still bother ?

p/p/p/s - i dislike beautiful things .

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