Friday, June 19, 2009

goodbye to falsies.

No more falsies (extended lash) . Had been relying on it even since last year june CAUSE having a falsie on 24 hours is fcuking time saving especially when i am a super tardyqueen than finally i realise my REAL lash sibei poor thing cause it kept dropping ));

So i have decided " I`ll use mascara and no more falsies! " HAH!

Naked face. O_O YA! tell me u dont have black eye ring =.=( direct translation from chinese)

Hectic week . I thought i will survive going all 5 days of school but still i failed =.=' Nb ! i really wana to go all 5 days de okay! All my heart fault la !

Heart felt weird going all 5 days because i usually 1 week skip 1 lesson , than heart send information to my brain saying today is friday and friday is science day and science is your favourite module and than my brain send information to my hand and leg telling them to be tired and not wake up even when my cousins wakes me up from 6.30 all the way to 7.15 . O_O

& SO i pon`ed school today but still pretended to go school . ( must take allowance )
Pulled myself up than prepared than off from granny sight back home to sleep. HA HA HA . Song`ness !

Oh , i find it very hard to differentiate truth & lies . The expression is almost the same . ~.~

Theres this guy & he kinda have my heart .
He made me fell in love somewhere between all our laughs , long talks , stupid little fights .
Than he left because i guess he felt i wasnt good enough , didnt tried enough , didnt changed enough .
So now i am going to smile like nothings wrong . Talk like everything is perfect ,act like its all a dream & pretend its not hurting me .
because im sick of trying ; tired of crying . HELL YES ! i am smiling but inside im dying.
Its hard to wait around for something i know might never happen BUT its even harder to give up especially when it is everything that i ever wanted.

& no , i didnt made them up word by word. I phrased them tgt.

P/s - Why am i always hearing things i dont wana hear . (about you)
p/p/s - i havent stopped loving you even for a sec, all i did was loving you in another way.(:

i wana be like this!!

* go listen to - All good things come to an end ( this reminds me of mwlk.)

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