Thursday, June 25, 2009

Time for a haircut soon! My fringe !! Its too short for slotting behind my ear , too long for leaving it neatly at the side thus , I ONLY CAN PIN IT UP and i dont get to find a pin in my house everyday ! ~.~ SO TROUBLESOME RIGHTTTTT! ))):

Skipped school yesterday because Momo , DeeDee & kor is back from THAILAND! weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! i miss them soooooooo muchhhhhhhhh ( cause present flying back tgt with them!! )

i dont know why , but momo bought me alot of internal wear (G-string especially) from thailand -____-

i look so chubby here! ): getting fat already ! RAHHHHH! >;@

Im having quanrantine!!!!!!!!!! So, everymorning i have to wake up @ 8.30am to log in to LEO system to do E-learning till 3.30.

&& E -learning is effing boring . I stoned and stared at my lappy for so many hours for nothing . HOLY ? -_- total ownage i tell you! _|_

I is super tired now cause i havent been sleeping more than 24 hours already . My eyes is closing while i am typing ~.~ so i guess its time for bed already !

p/s- Its not what you see but i dont know how to explain because i know you will never listen .

p/p/s- Just like how it was ; yesterday.

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