Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bluetooth headset-H9

Before i start writing about myself , im suppose to be advertising the newest bluetooth headset that my friend ordered in
bulks for his newly opened handphone shop and he wish
to sell them online as well . ( & ONLINE GOODS ARE NORMALLY CHEAPER )
I swear this bluetooth headset is damn small and super light unlike those long and fugly ones.
This is about half a size of my thumb and i swear i have slim average fingers!

The set look like this and comes with a charger . ( Suitable for any phone )

The market price outside is ranged at about $50 -$60 .

& HERE , we are selling at ONLY $40 and they are all instocks!

- No waiting time.

- Free Normal postage.

-Free meet up to places at my convenience.

-Discounts given if purchased in bulks.

- I supplys (:

For any enquires - EMAIL ME @



& YA ! the other time i said i wanted to do a rebonding and maybe a haircut hur ?
So there it is ! i did my rebonding but i lack the courage to chop off my hair! ROFLMAOZX =x

& my sweetest lil cousin that accompanied me there! So sweet ehs? Sitting down there and waiting for hours isnt easy okay! So .... i hearts her lots! xoxo - :D

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