Thursday, July 16, 2009

expected too much ;

Is it you ? or is it just me ?
I expected too much or have you not put in at all ?
How about you changing and not needing me anymore ?
Where were you when i fall sick ?
Where were you when i needed someone to rely on ?
When did you ever showed me some concern ?
Why were all the speeches made , empty promises ?
What did i do exactly to deserve this ?

I once thought , you will never leave . After all we`ve been through tgt.
Ups and down , Tears and smiles .

Why am i always throwing my temper at you ? Simply because you are always pissing me off ?

Why do i get so angry when you mia`ed during out date ?
Hello !its because i feel i am not important to you ! So , thats why you can just fcuking not pick up the fcuking phone than jus fcuking call back only when you fcuking finish all the fcuking things you are doind claiming they are fcuking important. oh fcuk you _|_ . I am not unreasonable . If you can fcuking pick up calls from other people . i dont see why you cant fcuking send me a fcuking msg. i hate the not responsible side of you, seriously.

9 years seems so lil suddenly . 9 years and not being able to know what kind of person you are .

There are many things i know but i kept quiet. Think about it . Think about how much i trusted you but what happened during the night at the void deck ?I know it all along but i choosed to kept quiet . WHY ? BECAUSE I DONT WANA FALL OUT BECAUSE OF MONEY ! MIND YOU , i was out that night because you were crying and need a shoulder , a companion but fcuk . What did you do ? You know it deep down okay. I was still defending you when Momo and deedee tells me what they saw . There were lots of loopholes everywhere and he cleared my loopholes. who do you think will come and tell me about things? Search ur heart and check .

I had always been keeping quiet, i dont mind being made use of . I dont mind lending money and not getting them back . I dont mind paying more . Seriously , i dont mind for a friend i love.

Its over alrights. This time , i will never ever be soft hearted . Not again .

p/s - My life is better off without people like you, seriously .
p/p/s - My life is never a bed of rose . - off emo'in -

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