Thursday, July 30, 2009

I had 2 girls to sleep with me on tues night! ENVY ? teehee! ( the fact is : they keep cam whoring and not sleeping =x )
Before leaving my house and meeting kam ; i camwhored a teeny weeny bit! =x

This was un-intentionally taken when i wana set the 'self-timer' mode! ~_~

I edited the contract and brightness so you guys cannot see my bathroom!( yala , yala ! i took this inside the toilet! happy ? ~.~)

The contrast make my face smaller and eyes bigger lohs! teeheehee !

Im on phoneeeeeeeeeeeeee & all the naked faceeee

*sings* To the left , to the left ( inside joke )

Wheres me? =x

Kam : ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! O_o"

p/s - Till it stables. (:

p/p/s - Holiday is cominggggggggggg! i wana go kl shooppinggg~

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