Friday, July 3, 2009

Long random post ;

Nb! i wonder whats wrong with blogger! They just dont allow me to upload pictures!! __

i have to go to the extend of uploading them in photobucket )): Soooo troublesome can ? whats wrong with blogger nowadays ?! maybe i should change to livejournal or something.

skipped school today and went to polyclinic earlier on. ): Medicine , medicine and more medicine . Wheres my TenderLovingCare ?!

Beautiful night with my beautiful girls (: Yes! all mine! ( jacey was the cameragirl )

NONO! i dont camwhore alot seriously! =x LOL!


Kam thought her hand will make my picture ugly! its still as cute! LALALA! ;)
She kept telling me to look in front that night ! You know why ?

Kammy : eh eh ~ you see infront . got 1 girl sibei cute .
Kammy : infront infront !!
Kelly : where where ? where infront. which one?
Kammy : there there!
* shifts herself infront of me *
Kelly : where where? you dont block me!

Kammy : infront la!
Kelly : zzz ! yourself ah ?! *faints*

LOL! -_-

OH ya! Momo damn joke i tell u ! She went ntuc than met this promoter aunty that promotes fruit juice. I also dont know why the aunty so zai . She managed to convince mummy to buy that much of powerberries juice and fruit juice .

-_______- if theres a chance i wana go find that aunty . *faints*

momo tell me the aunty tell her that these juices improve blood circulation ! O_O is it true ? ._.

the uberrrrr cute girl of the night ; kammy !

something no one likes! ):

before i end my post! NAKED FACE! =x scare die ! bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !
p/s - I MISS YOU , REALLY DO. ):
P/P/S - You kills .

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