Sunday, August 16, 2009

Great-grandfather died peacefully!

Ratcharda on sat with Yuri , Yumi & Yuka cause some heartless have no time for me.

On my way ther ! ( YA ! stop STARRING! i was super lazy , so i never stick my falsie on and that is why my eyes look weird )

On my way back !

-Im gona go send my great-grandfather on his last journey later on at 10 and im suppose to be awake and preparing by 9.30 .
The time now is 7.30 and im still blogging here !! -_-

I hope great-grandfather meet great-grandmother in another world and live happily ever after! Great-grandmother had been waiting below for him like more than 20 years already nor ! (btw, great-grandfather is 98 this year and he died damn peacefully and beautifully)

I will update about how he die beautifully and also the remaining pictures.Time to go catch a lil bit of rest.

On a sidenote : i miss bf .
I didnt meant to pick a fight. All i want is a lil time on weekend for us and i wonder why is it so difficult.
You can have all the time to play and chiong all your game on weekday while i am schooling. why cant you just stop gaming when it comes to weekend and spare YOUR GF a lil of your PRECIOUS GAMING TIME ?

im 24/7 available for you but you are 1hour/day for me .

w.h.a.t.e.v.e.r ! i dont find myself at fault at any point of the arguement and thus, im not giving in this time.

p/s - I need to make a stand to show how un-pleased i am with you and your games.

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