Monday, October 26, 2009

Random sentences -_-

All of a sudden i just feel like blogging even though i have nothing in mind (...)
So i will be just typing whatever that comes to my mind .

You dont have to read because they wont make any sense i guess. (:

I am finally going back to school tomorrow though i hate school.

I am so gona go find a night job so i can quickly go get my lic . -,-

If only i get to see who i will get married to in the end than i wont have to waste my time dating some other guys now and end up hurting myself.

I wonder what is the shortest way to get cash and not having to sell myself or lower my pride.

I so wana call him yesterday night , but i stopped myself in time.

Raining days still reminds me of him .

I dont know what are we now .

The rice i am eating now is like damn hard and chewy (...) No , dont ask me why .

2.57 now and im ending this rubbish at 3 .

Currently chatting online with MR bishie . O_O"

Momo says im a sucker cause i suck her blood whenever i dont feel happy . Is it true ?

I think i should have a tagboard so i can see the response ( of how u pple curse me ) when i blog rubbish .

Or a haloscan ? which one is better ? (...) I FORGET you guys cant respond to my blog post. Grats.

3 SHARP! goodbye. time for sweety dreams (:

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