Thursday, October 22, 2009

Skipped school on tues;i thought i was down with a little cold due to the aching all over.

Woke up in the middle of the night on tues , vomited than went back to bed feelng feverish so i skipped school on wed.

Pulled myself up in the noon for my FTT though it was raining . WOO, 1st try straight pass! song bo ~ ;D

Reach home feeling very cold, tried to sleep with no fan and 2 blanket .

Woke up after a few hours , i felt so hot i thought i was gona die anytime. ):
Rang momo for help cause i dont wana die . Than Deedee rushed back and brought me to the clinic.

A damn chio 39 degree when i reached there and a damn hot 40 degree when i reach home.

Doctor say im down with h1n1. O.O" ( below was the conversation )

Doctor: hi kelly , whats wrong with you ?
Me : I dont know. Feel very feverish than sometimes very cold , sometimes very hot. & i vomited twice before i came down.
Doctor: Cough?
Me : Yes.
Doctor: Running nose?
Me : Yes.
Doctor: Sore throat?
Me : Yes.
Doctor: Body aches?
Me : Yes.
Doctor: Let see if ur throat is under infection. Open ur mouth ~
Me : ahhhhhhhh~
Doctor: I guess you are down with H1n1.
Me : HAR? you sure ? will i die?
Doctor: Hard to say. you heard people die from h1n1 right?
Me : O.O
Doctor: i give you some medicine, get back to me if your fever stays after tonight.
Me : Okays. I want pills. No syrup. The pills must be small enough to swallow. Too big will choke! Thank you!

a 3 day Mc. which means wed , thurs , fri , sat & SUN NO SCHOOL! song bo ~ =x

Im feeling slightly better now , at least the fever go down already ;D

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