Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bumped in LEEYIFENG @ boatquay ! WOOOOOOOOOOOO ~ its been months since i last saw her.

She was busy with her "o" level earlier on so we havent got the time to meet up and chill.

Head over to Liquid Forty tgt with her to look for Kammy while Bun & co came over :D

Was running up and down bq like fcuking lotsa time cause the groups of people we know were all over ;
Waited for Kam to off work( like applebananaorange long ) than head home tgt.

Reeached home in the morning at 10 plus , bath and fainted with the help of sleeping pills.

I had been relying on pills to get to slp for the past 1 week . ): how sad can that be .

My lovely girls (:

p/s- SRY FENGFENG ! i hope you and kerin is better already ):

p/p/s- i need time and time and more time! >;@

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