Monday, November 23, 2009

I hope nothing changes ; im happy with what i have now :D I really really am ! :DD

Made my spect yesterday & oh man ! so expensive * heartaches * .
400 bucks on a spect when i can spend the money else where! D: Though i wont be the one paying it but still DD:

Shopped abit at bugis and i spend a total of $300 plus in a night D: *ouch*

I was suppose to save up for my thai trip with Momo & jiekor after new year!!! t-.-t
But i cant resist the temptation to buy things ! D:

O.O i wana get a pink digital cam sooooooon :D So , im gona godo some research about it . hehehe ;

OH! && im constantly reminding myself not to skip school for the rest of the week and hopefully not to be late as well!

p/s - beginning to love my life because you are around * BIG SMILE! *

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