Monday, November 2, 2009

Spend my halloween mahjon`in for effing 10 hours and lost 10 bucks -_______-

Due to poor weather , plans got changed to mahjong instead of out in towel . GRATS!

This few days keep raining! >;@ RAHH! im already badly hurt and still its raining like everynight cept tonight .

Yesterday i thought i bravely picked myself up and threw the big stone away .
Today it wasnt what i thought i have done .

Why do i always become so weak when it comes to him . ):
I can simply teared infront of the com just by looking at what he wrote. Just a sentence or 2 makes its harder to go on .

2;14am and yet to get myself rolling on bed. I just cant get him off my mind. OH fcuk , who cares about who i cant get off my mind right! -__________-

No recent pictures cause i havent been going out and partying for quite some time already yea ?

Its only school & home & MAHJONG! ( dont tell me you dress up nice nice go mahjong lor )

IF you say yes than im giving you 1 word 8 letters. Nopes , not ILOVEYOU but BULLSHIT!

So , that explains why im like blogging up a super nong picture.

Hao & me ;

Few months back , i met Lex , Hao & co at town to pass Lex his stuff but i only got to access to this picture like recently . X_x How efficient can Lex be ? lol.

SideNote : Happy advance birthday to Lex (im still angry with you) Though i cannot be there celebrating your 21st birthday with you .I still wana wish you all the best in whatever you do (: god bless ! ^________________^

P/s - Return me my heart if you know you wont be cherishing it.

p/p/s - I SO WANA CHANGE A NEW BLOG SKIN!!! should i ? O.O

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