Wednesday, November 4, 2009

work kills ;

Worked at 12 element ( FYI - located at boat quay ) yesterday because it is the grand opening for 3rd storey and they need waitress O.O

Met up with Amanda ( she rushed me to get out of my house but she was late? =.+ ) at hougang mall than head down to boat quay for dinner .

Babybrother IAN ANG YI EN head down to look for me together with his teacher cause it been a nong nong time since i last saw him . Awww ~

BabyBro & me . & yes! thats 12 element uniform for that day , a black polo. O_O ( babybro hp quality sucks! )

Jimmy's car ; on my way home .

Ended work at 4 ,

Jimmy send me and Amanda home after work ;

I fainted after removing my make up all the way till 7 in the evening.
Yea~ i skipped school! so what? (...)

Im aching from head to toe now ): old already =.= Luckily im only working for a day . If this goes on like every day , i will die .

P/s - be my present tense ~

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