Saturday, December 5, 2009

Isnt that fiona ?

I was looking at forums when i stunned upon a few pictures that caught my eyes. D:

See if you can recognise them .

Yes ! very smart ; these both are from magazines like applebananorange years ago ( okay exaggerating , these was just shoots from the magazines before fiona joined mediacorp ya ? )

As stated , she was recognised or found in some talent search and than given a modeling job for xxx magazines.

But WAIT if this is fiona xie , than wheres the ang moh look ? wheres the big eyes ? sharp nose ? & BIG BOOBS ? ( no offence )

( joined mediacorp ) So , this is the girl evey guy fantasize ?

a video i found on you tube D:

if the video doesnt load - clickk
After looking at this , i so wana go for plastic surgery lei !!!! If only Ps cost like peanut and nt a bomb D: HAHAHA

p/s- Sry if any of fiona xie's fan chanced upon my blog and feel that i deserve a slap on my face for putting photos or writing comments on MY blog. ( i meant no harm )

p/p/s - hoping that sat would stay forever. ( so there is no school ) HA HA HA.

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