Thursday, December 17, 2009

^.^ The NNnnnOOOoo0O0o0O0NG awaited holidays are here !!! *winks*

- Im so in love with my work now because my boss is soooo WONDERFUL! (:

Tell me ! where can you find a boss that smiles , laughs , jokes with you ?
Teaches you with patience ! Throw in incentives on his own ( like paying for your airtickets to bangkok when he heard you wana go and have fun over there! ) for your hard work and even allows you to choose the days you wana work !


Short working hours , highly paid , no facing customers , no sweating under the sun , relax in office , choose the amount of hours you wana work . Break time here and there !

Pressure free , weekly paid , OH - my life is beautiful! HAHAHAHAHA

why ?

Because i can have all the time for MY BABY BOY & also earn money for my bangkok trip with MOMO and KORJIE during march ! (:

* Sings : we'll building a dream ~~~~ *

Alrightys , im at baby house now while he is off to work . Soon , i needa go prepare and get my ass to work also ! (:

No pictures because no usb cable! D:

p/s - I love what i have now ! (: 10th monthsary sooooooon baby ! Than it will be 1 year annivesary in 2 months time ! xD

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