Sunday, January 31, 2010

not very happy while blogging right now .

Heart's weighing like stone. The same feeling happens again everytime i sense something's gona happen. Like soon .

Im not someone that hides my feeling. Im not someone that will keep it to myself.
When im not feeling comfortable or unhappy , i need somewhere to rant . i need someone to talk to & when no one's there , i cries .
(if you know me im a crybaby , like seriously ? )
i cry for the slightest thing.

Sometimes , all i need is a little more attention from you .
( im a attention seeker , especially when it comes to you )
cause i need you to constantly reminds me that you are still the someone that i know months back . (& vice versa )

Im losing the lil secure that i have ever since apple months ago & i wonder where the orange feelings went.

call me retarded , say im paranoid or even crazy . But i dont like it when things doesnt goes my way or how i expect it to be .

sopa , sometimes all i want you to do is tell me how much i meant to you every now and than . ( though i know its hard to make that come out from you )
but still , i hope to be that special someone.

our 60 years promise still lingers.

p/s - sopa , i still hopes to finish 2010 with you and welcome 2011 , 2012 , 2013 etc . Assure me im nt dreaming.

p/p/s - school holiday is coming like real soon . gotta work double hard! gambateh ! (:

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