Wednesday, January 20, 2010

URGGGGS! im feeling super guilty now because i promised to be in school today for marketing module but ............... !!! ):

SINFUL!!!! T_T i took allowance from momo and dee dee but i skipped school , used the allowance for an mc . *ouch*

I can imagine the pain from them when they know i havent been going to school regularly ))): but i didnt do that on purpose yea? D:

Argggs! whatever it is ! IM SRY MUMMMMY ~~~~ ! i hope you will never get to find out !

Im still out now and not home yet ): SOON! i shall head home and change before they reach home. D: D: D: D:

im so dead! because i havent been going to work ever since last week! ): I JUST feel like changing jobs! ANY PART TIME INTRO ? D: D:

p/s- imma changing my blogskin soon! so tired of it .
p/p/s- no amount of charity can ease my guilt now ! )):

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