Monday, February 15, 2010


Happy new year and happy valentine . (:

Spend my valentine this year with L because J mia'ed 2 days ago after we had a quarrel .

Thank you L for you lovely gift , i know and appreciate it for the effort & also thanks for never failing to be there for me (:

Know L 5 years ago but met him less than 10 times. LOL. but still we are still considered good friends because we used to chat on phone darn long every night .

Not a fruitful valentine because he was not supposed to be my valentine this year.
All planned plan didnt proceed accordingly .
All of a sudden , everything changes .

Looking at things on the other hand , this way might be better . (: ( i hope so seriously )

So anyway , i just reached home and gona go to bed real soon .

my mc havent been approved yet , i wonder if i can retake my test . )):

Last year , i met J on the same day and throughout the day i have his companion but now , im alone.

time passed so fast , i couldnt catch up on it.


p/s - i lost a total of 300 extra angbaos today . D: kinda saddening hur ?
p/p/s- according to the zodiac last year , i would not survive having a bf till this year and its pretty accurate i guess . ( though i thought it wasnt meant to be true after i tried surviving for almost a year )
p/p/p/s- Todays the 1 year anniversary when i first met you .

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