Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Still , no pictures. (:

First , im lazy . Second , im still lazy . Third , im still still lazy .

Life's busy with outings and gatherings everyday. Good in a way - i can divert my attention and partehh at the same time . ((:

Thanks girls for the companion but im still firm with( i'm NOT unreasonable because it is something that everygirl will do , I BELIEVE - strongly! )

Thanks X for the roses and for waiting at least 2 hours so as to send me home ( but i still disappoint you ), though they were simple but at least it is something that J will never do it. They are sweet , completely . :D

Thanks L for coming down and leaving with a full bottle under my name (: i know you dote on me alot . Felt from the heart yea ? C:

You will never know how many people still cares alot for you without you knowing . Even after years of waiting , they never get tired and will never leave. Unlike the others - this is true love & concern .

Im happy knowing im still being cared for even when i heartlessly abandon every single one of you once . Cheers to the never ending friendship (:

p/s - deleted everything , be it on my phone or in my brain. Im tired and trying nt to hold on any longer .

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